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Hello, dear visitor!

On this page, you will learn under what conditions it is allowed to use the materials (article, image, video, etc.) of the eldarinvest.com website on your own electronic resources (websites, blogs, mailings, free courses, etc.) and in print media (newspapers, magazines, leaflets, etc.).


  • All materials posted on the site eldarinvest.com belong to the site owner – Eldar Agalarov;
  • The rights to certain types of content, such as images of posts – belong to their owners;
  • The use of public materials is allowed only under the conditions specified in these Terms of Use of site content;
  • In other cases, the use of materials is prohibited and punishable by administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the copyright law of the European Union.

Terms of use of site content

I authorize and support the use and distribution of public materials on eldarinvest.com to any visitor, with strict observance of the following rules:

  • Do not subject to modification and alteration the content of any article during reprint. All materials posted on the site, reprint as is, in its original form. It is prohibited to correct and distort the reprinted material without my written permission;
  • Place reprinted materials in the public domain for all comers. Any restriction on access to materials is prohibited;
  • Use reprinted materials for non-commercial informational purposes only. The use of materials for commercial purposes is prohibited;
  • When reprinting on electronic resources, at the beginning or end of the reprinted material be sure to insert a link back to the source. Detailed link requirements are described in the Link Requirements section. Reprinting without reference is prohibited;
  • If you are a print publication wishing to publish site materials on your pages, then first get my written permission. Printing is prohibited without written permission.

Link requirements

When reprinting materials, be sure to insert a back hyperlink to the original material from eldarinvest.com, which meets the following requirements:

  • Located at the beginning or end of the reprinted material;
  • Open and visible to the user. Masking with reduced font size and various other technologies, including JavaScript, is prohibited;
  • Active and workable (when clicked, the user must fall on the material published on the source site). Be sure to check the link to work;
  • Indexed by search engines, without using the attributes rel=”nofollow” and rel=”noindex”;
  • Direct, referring to the original material of the source site directly, without the use of internal redirect.

A direct indexed link to the source is a link whose HTML code looks something like this:

<a href=”full link to the material on the website”>Reference to the source</a>.

If at least one of the requirements for the link is not followed, reprinting of materials is prohibited.

Thank you for your interest and compliance with these rules!

Sincerely, the author of the ELDARINVEST project.

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