About the project

The ELDARINVEST project is an authoring project dedicated to personal finance, long-term value investing, algorithmic trading and entrepreneurship. Created with a specific mission: to make a person independent, financially literate, wealthy and happy.

Since 2006, the author of the project has been profitably trading in the US stock market using short-term trading strategies implemented as trading robots. Since 2010, it has long-term invested funds in profitable companies from developed and emerging countries, buying undervalued stocks on stock markets.

The author also actively uses computational sciences. The processing and analysis of financial data is performed using a computer and hand-written programs and databases. Therefore, the project pays attention to these issues. The author is a supporter of the rational use of computing power for investing, trading and business.

Project goals

  • The project will teach how to manage personal or family finances. Keep track of money, save and spend money only on necessary things, objectively without worsening living conditions. In order to form free cash for investment and business;
  • The project will teach not to go into debt, not to take consumer loans and live within our means. It will help to get out of the debt trap, if any, so as not to get there anymore. If you need lending, the project will help get a loan on favorable and safe conditions;
  • The project will help you to get wealthy yourself with the help of business, investment in other businesses and assets or with the help of algorithmic trading of instruments in financial markets. Having previously drawn up a plan for achieving wealth and rigidly following it;
  • The project will introduce profitable investing and trading strategies that work in practice. Demonstrates how to analyze assets, markets and create profitable investing and trading strategies suitable for a specific person. Explain the principles of the formation of investment and trading portfolios;
  • The author of the project will show how to make money on a personal example, investing in profitable enterprises. A relatively small real amount of money in a public brokerage account will be used. The ultimate goal is to increase the amount to $1 million due to reinvestment of profits from investment;
  • The project will introduce financial psychology and other areas of life that have a positive or negative effect on finances and personal effectiveness. This is interaction with the outside world, inter-sex relations, health, nutrition and much more.

Project content

The project is designed and built as a financial Wikipedia for those who want to understand the world of finance, investing, trading and business in practice. The content of the project is authoring and has the following properties:

  • Clarity. Even housewives and pensioners will master the materials, because the author gives examples, takes into account the details and clearly conveys information for all people;
  • Practicality. Useful and practical information verified by personal experience and working in practice. Stupid, questionable and harmful content is missing;
  • Fascination. Interesting and fascinating information written and narrated in a living language with a certain amount of humor. No dull and boring content;
  • Structuredness. Transparent structured content that makes it easy to read the pages, conveniently navigate the site and quickly find the necessary materials;
  • Uniqueness. The author shares personal knowledge, experience, results and developments. This is presented in the form of unique and valuable content that is not available on other information resources.

For whom this project is intended

For anyone who wants to take their life and finances under personal control and become a successful investor, trader or businessman. Regardless of education, experience, age and starting opportunities. Conventionally, people can be divided into 3 main groups.

Poor young people

You are a young man from 18 to 40 years old. These people have more choices and opportunities. There are more rights to make mistakes than older people, because there is still a long life ahead and a lot of time. All types of investments, trading and business activities are suitable for young people.

Usually, young people use high-risk short-term strategies to earn faster. This is a justifiable way, but one should not confuse high-risk, highly profitable opportunities with fraudulent ones, where the risk of capital loss is almost guaranteed.

Fraudulent wages should be avoided, and in dubious investing only a small part of the capital, the loss of which will not be substantial. The ratio of “reward/risk” must be satisfactory, regardless of the amount of investments and the type of opportunities.

Poor elderly people

You are 60 years old and it seems that everything is already lost. However, this is a profound mistake. Moreover, as an elderly person, you have advantages over younger people. History knows a lot of examples when people at the age of 60–70 achieved dizzying success.

You probably do not fit business, requiring a large number of strength and energy. Investments in already established enterprises are most suitable, namely, in undervalued stocks of moderately and rapidly growing companies. Moderately growing companies often pay dividends, which are a good addition to retirement. On dividends, you can live until capital is earned.

Long-term trading of commodity futures with robust mechanical strategies is also well suited. One of the advantages of trading is that cash can be withdrawn from the market at any time.

It is vital for the elderly not to lose capital, so it is unacceptable to invest in high-risk assets or trade high-risk strategies. Money is time, and older people have less time than younger ones. There is nothing worse than being left without livelihood in old age.

You use only the most profitable opportunities with a high ratio of “reward/risk” with a low or moderate risk. Patiently wait, if there are no favorable opportunities yet. You can and must fight for your success, regardless of age.

Wealthy people

You are already doing business or have large personal capital. Such wealthy people usually want to profitably invest their free money and make a profit at the level of 10–15% per annum, taking into account inflation.

For you fit reliable and conservative investment and trading strategies. Ideal for investment is stocks and bonds of established companies, and for trading, long-term trading of commodity futures with mechanical trading strategies.

There is no need to pursue high returns because you are already wealthy and have tasted the benefits of a wealthy life. Your goal is to save your earnings and get a satisfactory return above inflation, bank deposits and market indices.

Call to action from the author of the project

Finance, business, investing and trading are simple, interesting and exciting. This is not nuclear physics or rocket science; just for some it’s beneficial to maintain the myth of the difficulty of achieving wealth.

Wealthy people do not give up and act, taking responsibility for their lives on themselves. No one will make you wealthy and independent; this is the business of your hands, desires and responsibilities. Do not waste precious and irreplaceable time and do not risk hard-earned money on dubious types of earnings. Beware of fraudsters and do not trust them with your own funds.

Learn to save and keep money. Stop taking consumer loans and live in debt. Pay off debts and get your money back from debtors. First, become financially literate and then invest money for making profit.

Along with success will grow self-esteem, satisfaction from life and confidence in the future. Being a free person, you will not depend on the state or employer. The quality of life will rise to a high level and life will play with bright-saturated colors.

You will enjoy the growth of personal capital, which grows due to your actions and following a profitable investment, trading or business strategy. You will have an interesting and exciting occupation that you can do until old age! A striking example is the investor and businessman Warren Buffet, who at 88 years of age continues to manage his multi-billion dollar fortune and earn.

Act immediately, starting with studying project materials. Subscribe to project groups and channels. Even if you are a housewife or elderly pensioner who does not understand anything in finance. The sooner you start, the better! Soon you will learn and wisely manage your own finances. You will become a financially literate entrepreneur, investor or trader who earns and implements his dreams and goals.

I am sure that you will succeed, the results will be inspiring, tangible and you will get to the top of the world wealth pyramid!

Sincerely, Eldar Agalarov. Author of the ELDARINVEST project.

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